Why I use English books or lectures when I study new things.

Last April, I started learning Machine Learning in English. At that time I have no knowledge of machine learning, everything was new to me. I found that it's a bit difficult to learn it in an English course because I didn't have enough knowledge about it plus, I was not able to read or listen to English well. Then, why did I choose that way to learn machine learning?

There are two reasons: first, I think it's killing two birds with one stone. Yes, I admit that I did not know anything about machine learning and have a good command of English then. But it is also a big chance to learn both English and Machine Learning at the same time. Why don't you take advantage of it? Personally, I like the idea of "kill two birds with one stone" a lot. I feel pleasure when I make progress on many things simultaneously.

I think the second reason is, In the English world, there are a lot of good resources for everything to learn! I think it is very realistic merit to using English as a language to learn something new because if you google it on your computer, many of good materials appear on your browser 1 to 1000 ... pages. For example, the number of Wikipedia pages in English is the largest in the world, it is five times larger than in Japan. In addition, As I use English, I can take advantages of learning computer science because a computer program is written in English! That's a serious problem, I think.

I have read a lot of books in English recently, because of the above reasons. Now I believe that my English skills have improved a little bit more than Last April. By the way, I started learning Mandarin Chinese two days ago. So, this year's aim for me is to learn something new in Mandarin Chinese.

(Third reason is that I can widespread my perspective or my view of the world to use English or other languages. If I could take a walk on the Internet in various languages, it would be extremely delightful. As I was attracted to such a fascinating world, I decided to learn new languages. )