Want to enjoy your life? (割と書けるレベルの言語増やすと、交代で書くことで休憩できて、文章量増やせることに気づいてうれしくなった。)

日記, 英語


I realized that not just receiving good stuff made by others, but making your own stuff and spreading them is the most important thing to enjoy my life. I often watch YouTube and whenever I see awesome content made by a single person like apparently, it is not a professional work, I start to think I also want to do it. I have a phone that has a camera and if I push a button and start speaking, I can do it like them. I've never done that before just because I don't have enough courage to do it. But I wanna be like them because they steal my time showing their life and so, I want to do the same thing to others, share my life and steal their time. That's the key point. Well, maybe I already achieved a part of that, because I am writing this and maybe you read this, so there's an equation here.

(how many people are reading this) divided by (my writing time) > 1

If it is always greater than 1, then I think I won already. But I think it is true that a character, a sentence is, of course, has much information though, videos, images, and my face have much more than that. So, yeah. I guess if I go to somewhere far from where I am now, I would start recording my life soon, I think I will do that somehow.

You know what, it would be really great if I can watch old me in the future on YouTube lol. Yeah as I'm doing here, writing on the Internet is pretty good for remembering old me but this is the time that everybody can use cameras, videos, and images, so, why not? Maybe I should start recording soon. I don't know where this post goes but yeah it is good to know my past self. I think if I will live until 100 or 120, future me would really appreciate how old me did that if I left so many contents of myself. So I want to do those things as much as I can to please, delight future self.

It would be my dark history, but, it's better than if I don't have any.



By the way, one of my friends also started writing a diary in English like me. I was kind of surprised that his English is not so good actually, but he keeps writing like every day, and it is soooo sugoi, amazing. I can't do that when I am at his level of English. Just It is so exhausting to write English when your vocab or grammar is not enough to express your own feeling. Here I don't say that his skills are bad or not enough, everybody is not perfect, me also far from perfect, I just admire his courage and endurance. And so, I start to think about writing this in Chinese again. whoooa


As always, I studied today at Starbuck for an exam. There three exams left for this semester. I think so far so good. This is my third exam season, so I kind of get used to it, like how to get through it. I am studying basic mathematics, physics, and some other stuff I don't what it is but it's Okay. No, I'm sorry, I know what I'm doing. Just I said what every uni students are likely to say. I am a sophormore student and have time, so basically I can go to any department, any fields that I want to go to, because I can prepare for it. But the choice process is the most hardest part, yes. And if I'm honest with me, one of the things that I want most is a freedom. like freedom of transport, freedom of 移動, freedom of 移動。