Writing on the Internet

日記, 英語

If you've never written something on the Internet, maybe you don't know how it feels but I think it is good to do it because whenever I meet someone who knows my blog, they tell me that 'I read it' or 'it was interesting' or something. I personally hope that all of you reading this now are going to start your own blog.

Maybe you are going to live until 80. If so, and if you wrote some diary of yours from 20 on the Internet, and you did it five times in a month, there would be 60*60 = 3600 articles. It is a wonderful thing, isn't it? I think it is. You know human memories are weak, temporary, easy to evaporate, so it is valuable to take a note of what you currently think at the time. I guess those who read this already write a diary on a notebook or something offline. It is nice. But I want to read it. So please share your treasure with me. pleeeeeeeeease.

I know everyone uses Instagram, but I want to read sentences, letters, characters, a, b, c, and d not a picture of you! No, of course, I love your beautiful photos but I know it is a selected, biased, and a few parts of samples of your entire life. So please. I want to know your behind stories, your way of thinking, and your daily lives.


Those who wants to start a blog by reading this, note.com is a good place to begin with. Many friends of mine started their blog here. It is easy to write, easy to read someone's post, easy to share your post with everyone on the Internet.

Perhaps you think it is scary to share your thoughts on the Internet because adults taught us don't share your personal information there. Don't worry, scary things usually would not happen unless you share some evil thoughts or illegal things, or you are an actual evil. And you are not. So, there's no problem at all. But before doing some actual actions like put a share button, you have to think about what would occur in the future. Those aren't special things, utterly the same in our daily life, consider the results if you say something to someone. If you do this, what would happen? If you catch errors inside that function, would that cause something dangerous?


I personally take this diary sharing thing as another 週刊少年ジャンプ. I wanted to read it all the time but the new one only arrives on Monday, so I have to wait for 7 days and that's so long, I wanted an alternative to that. And suddenly I came up with this thought that everyone should share their story on the Internet so that I can read. I've already started my blog at that time, so I told my friends to do this. And now the circle becomes bigger, reached out friends of my friends. And here is your turn...