Kindle is so good. I use it every day, it's just awesome.

日記, 英語

I bought Kindle a few months ago. And I use it every day. Mostly I read novels, more specifically, A Game of Thrones. But before reading that fun story, I've read some geek books like "How Linux Works" and "Designing Data-Intensive Applications". When I bought Kindle, I decided that I use this as a book reader only in English. So in my Kindle, there are no Japanese books at all. After I bought A Game of Thrones series, I read it all the time. On the train, every morning and night.

I don't know why but it seems to me that English books have usually more pages than books in Japanese. So reading it on Kindle sometimes exhausting considering how many pages are left. And oftentimes it is difficult to see images on Kindle because of that small display. But overall, Kindle is so useful to read books. It is lightweight and easy to carry. And the battery is so good. You don't need to pay attention to that even for a few weeks. Plus, you can buy books anywhere anytime around the world, if there is Wi-Fi. You don't have to wait until it arrives at your home. If you buy real books online, especially real books selling in the US and you're living in Japan, you have to wait for like 2 weeks or so. But this device enables you to read it soon just pressing the buy button on the screen. Thanks, Jeff.

I like reading paper books, honestly, I don't like reading e-books because it has no material and you can't see the thing itself, you can see it only on the screen. You can't pile them up and see what I've read, what I bought, what books I haven't read even I bought it. I want to see them. But even though it has these disadvantages, Kindle brings me foreign books instantly. This one thing, this advantage makes up for all the disadvantages that I hate. It's so magical that I can read a book in other countries immediately. It is magic.

No doubt that Kindle helps me to learn English. YouTube, Netflix, Kindle, Google (Internet), these are my four kings and queens. And it is just so much fun to read spectacular novels like A GAME OF THRONES. I just want to say thank you that I am living in this so plentiful age. I can read interesting novels in other countries, I can watch so funny movies in different languages so easily. By clicking some button, I can get it. It is just awesome.

And so, I recommend that you should buy Kindle as well. If you want to learn other languages, why not? It's handy, easy to carry, you can get books whatever you want available on Amazon. I like to think of this device as an opportunity, like this let me touch information that I couldn't if I don't have one. Kindle have expanded my world.

But, I think it is not suited for studying difficult subjects. It is frustrating to read textbooks on Kindle because of the small screen and relatively slow response compared to tablets or smartphones. For reading novels, it is not a problem.