Twitter as a living library

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It seems to me that everyone doesn't notice the value of Twitter, how much power Twitter has. One can see some smart person's life really closely just by following him. Once you followed, you can watch their lives very intensely, closely, like a friend in the same class or a colleague in the same department. And it's free. It is so strange that whenever I tap a bluebird icon, I can see everybody's life, everybody's opinion so easily. Of course, it has some dangerous aspects that if you are following people just like yourself, your views of this world will be biased in some way. But that means that you can widen your perspective by following people not like you at all, you can gain so much information from just tapping a follow button.

And like you know, information is one of the most important things in this world. I am not sure how much information I got from Twitter, but I am sure that it changed my perspective, and even my life, because there are professors, athletes, movie stars, programmers, Ph.D. students, and many many more people. And they are using Twitter. Just by following them, I can learn how they spend their day, their time, what they think about something, what they did to be them now. For example, I saw someone says that "I mailed to a Professor when I was an undergrad student to ask for letting me in the lab before I enter the graduate school". That tweet gave me information that I can go to the lab before 大学院 and I can interact with professors freely via email. And I did that as well like 10 months ago, and he said Okay. And I started joining them and wrote my first paper just a month ago.

It is a bit misleading saying that Twitter changed my life. It is correct that Twitter has been changing my life. Please do not think that I am influenced by some notorious people on Twitter. As the title says, I just take Twitter as a living library. You know what the library is. A lot of books that contain so much information are stored in one place. And you know what, the books were written by some living people or was living. And there is a place that so many living people are writing their own opinions, their daily lives, and more. Do you know what the place is? it is called Twitter.

I should say that there is one thing that you need when you use Twitter in this way. It is patience, like smart patience. I don't know how to say this in English but I would say endurance is a key to make wide your perspective. If you want to widen your view of things, definitely you have to input the way you do not think. and it is sometimes frustrating, exhausting, and irritating. but that is the essence. To know you didn't know takes some risks, it needs patience, time and effort. By doing so, you can get the ability to think outside the box.


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