Utterly beautiful



Some people write, others don't.

I love reading someone's story. I love writing my own. And so I started spreading this wave to someone I like. More specifically, I suggested my friends to write a blog about whatever they like and to share it with me or someone around you.

Three months ago, one of my friend started his blog and now, five or more people are writing their own diary on note and sharing it each other. That gave me so emotional. By reading their writings I am surprised at the fact that people have potentially their will to write their own story. And the power of friends. It is no doubt that everyone does the same thing gives a courage to others to do it, for better or worse. I believe this time is the better one.

And I wanted to say thank you for writing and sharing with me your funnnny and beautiful story. thaaaaaaaaaaaaanks


By the way, do you know this book?

I accidentaly bought it and I found it so interesting. (Technically speaking, I bought it by reading Zukashi teacher's blog) You can learn muscles and human anatomy, as well as how to train your body. And these figures are entirely written in pencile or something, so maybe you can learn how to draw human body at the same time. One shot, four birds.

Today at starbucks, i got a hot はいびすかす tea. At first, I felt its smell was so bad that I thought I can't drink this. BUt anyway I tried it and it was not so bad as I thought. I learned that smell and taste are sometimes totally different things.

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