2020 8/16 (Sun)

Consecutive Sentences

I figured out that to improve writing ability is imperative to pursue my career. It's tough to practice writing totally by myself, for it makes harder to notice where I should fix, whether I should fix or not. I know, from my personal experience, that vocaburaly is all I need. It's just I can't thought of enough options to express my exact feelings due to the lack of my vocaburaly. And that's, basically, everything. Also it takes some amount of time to remember the right words. I assume that, for me, it takes 5 or 10 times longer than native speakers to tweet exactly the same thing. Twitter is pracrically useful for enriching my vocaburaly in part because I can see how native speakers use English to express their thoughts and feelings. Oftentimes they use simple words and simple grammar. At first, that gives me confident that I can imitate what they are doing in some way, but the truth is, it is much more than that. I can write a single sentence easily, but to add a few more sentences, I can't come up with anything. The reason why I can't do the full length of tweet is simple, just I don't have an adequate circuit to construct and establish sentences consecutively in my brain.

consecutive, successive, continuous, in a row, consecutively, one after another, ...

Writing is not that easy espesially if you are living in a country where you don't have to use the language. You need information to write something obviously. Then, how to cope with that? Simply put, change your environment into the country that use the language. Turn on the TV show, radio, movies in the country in your room. It makes easier for you to immerse yourself in the language you want to acquire. You don't need much effort and money to do that.

I find it's good to use the flavor to improve quality of life. So interesting to see DJ instruments on the desk. I want them lol.

Interesting Story.

2020 8/XX (XXX)

2020 8/XX (XXX)