2020 7/1 (Wed)

Today I have heavy headache. Why? Because I got up so early, like 1 .a.m in the morning. I think it is morning. ANd using this heavy shaking brain, I am now working. Today’s job is to write some code in Python to fix something. Yeah ahaha headache I wanna get some sleep soon OMG. BUT ITS’ OKAY I AM NOW LIVING.

Whenever I read books in English, I always astonished how the authors can use various words in one sentence. I wonder how long does it take to reach that level. I wanna write elegant sentences. SO WHY NOT TRY RIGHT NOW. LET ME DO IT.

A while ago I got an email from Google that says We postponed the summer Internship program. ANd I said I knew it. Instead, They will host some interviewing practice seminar. I see what’s going on. Yeah, to be honest I’m no interested in that seminar. DO I want to take a mock interview? No. I hate coding interview. But yes I applied it anyway so I think I will take it. Or I won’t take it.

2020 7/2 (Thu)

I succeeded to get up early today! Yay!

Hey Professors, you should open your entire assignments to students as soon as the semester starts because, that unleashes students from the hell of every week tasks. One can concentrate on one topic and finish the entire course. and that’s good.

2020 7/3 (Fri)

Hi there. It’s Friday. And it is 9 a.m. I finished one assignment already. Haha.

What’s shell gas? It’s so tougher to write English than Japanese ~ ew ew ew. I know I know but It’s like I don’t know when I could achieve the same fluency in English as my Japanese. I spend much longer time to write on [note.com](http://note.com) rather than on notion.so. I know. It’s toughhh. but I read a book in English every night, so, how to solve this problem? Well It’s obvious I have to continue and keep Up reading. I recently think I need a dictionary to look up appropriate words to describe what I think so I started to use vertical split Of iPadOS and open a dictionary on Safari. SO right now I have a dictionary on my right side of iPad. And the page is Marriam-Webster. I don’t know what it IS. But thEY give me a clear explanation of word. So it’s fine.

I’ve been reading ‘Quiet’ for three days and it’s a great, lovely, awesome, five-star, neat, keen, marvelous, prizewinning, splendid, fantastic, excellent book. I just searched synonyms of great and listed them lol. and this is how I improve my vocabulary. And the SYNONYMS of improve is, enhance, enrich, meliorate, refine, upgrade,, yes! I’ll use these words next time. I want to enhance, enrich my vocabulary. And I also I want to refine my vocabulary. Lol.

I think it works. I regard this works. I assume this works. I conceive this works. i consider this works. I reckon this works. I suppose this works. Please someone explain it tome how these words are different. I can’t see the connotation.

Now I see how the authors spend their time to write a book. There are so many words that It seems I can’t handle, how do they know these countless words. OK fine, the introverts are lovers of reading and the author of ‘Quiet’ is also an introvert so that explains. The book is full of beautiful sentences that I can’t imagine I write them someday. and I want. I crave. I desire. I die for. I hunger. I long for. I wish for.

It’s like I’ve solved the problem that I tend to write more on [note.com](http://note.com) than notion.so. I incline to write, I lean to write. It’s fun to read a synonyms dictionary. It is. I’ve seen those words many times but I can’t thought of them when I write. It helps me a lot and maybe it can enrich my vocabulary sooner or later, eventually.

It’s strange that I didn’t come up with this idea. BTW the website is here [https://www.merriam-webster.com](https://www.merriam-webster.com/). Tell me if you know other useful websites for writing. IN ENGLISH.

And that’s why I hesitate to learn new languages. I kinda know how hard it is to get familiar with one language to a certain degree. Reading is easier because I can deceive myself that I can read, if, in reality, I can’t. But the theory doesn’t apply to the writing. Because every time I write, my sentences teach me that your writing sucks.

But also, it is true that I have to start to learn New languages as soon as possible to make the most of my time because of how the brain works. It just takes so much time And the life has been passing. What truly I need is focus. Focus on the ability that I crave To master and do it. that’s the way. I know. And It needs high concentration, motivation and obsession. But I don’t have the latter one For now.

I feel like I should consider to start a website. I like writing and I spend a lot of time writing.

2020 7/4 (Sat)

「Kagan hypothesized that infants born with an especially excitable amygdala would wiggle and howl when shown unfamiliar objects—and grow up to be children who were more likely to feel vigilant when meeting new people.」(『Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking』(Susan Cain 著)より) 「When Kagan asked these same kids to play word games, he found that they also read more accurately than impulsive children did. High-reactive kids also tend to think and feel deeply about what they’ve noticed, and to bring an extra degree of nuance to everyday experiences.」(『Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking』(Susan Cain 著)より)

2020 7/5 (Sun)

I bought a book called Man’s searching for meaning, 「夜と霧」in Japanese. I think I’ve read this book in Japanese but I don’t remember. And so I decide to read. It’s, I think, also a life-changing book. I have many things to do. I am happy.

2020 7/7 (Tue)

I got this book today<3. Education in a Time Between Worlds: Essays on the Future of Schools, Technolo... I haven't read all of it yet. but this is so cool and I wanted this kind of book since I was a child.

2020 7/XX (XXX)

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