I am now studying lots of subjects for exams, more exactly, for GPAs. I admit that I want to get high GPAs, yes I want, but when I think what exactly GPAs are, I also admit that it is complete bullshit (at least for me). But, I agree, of course, if the class is taught by a great teacher, and textbooks, documents, are useful as well, GPAs are more plausible and have values to tackle on. Nevertheless, I have to say that almost all of the classes are…. OK, wait. There is one more reason why I hate it from the bottom of my heart. Honestly, I think It’s because of my personality. I am kind of unusual person, I guess, like when I take exams, I always think this way, Hey! why did you bring me THESE problems to let me understand THIS subject, I believe that it’s better to use this notion to get more understanding of it. Why are you, Why… . and why didn’t you add this sentence to make it more this problem clear and avoid unnecessary mistakes…. HOW DARE YOU!


I do understand that the system of GPAs and the exams are not so bad, or, really good especially when the number of applicants is very huge. but at the same time, I think they are somewhat against for the way how researchers are trying to do in their daily lives or the way they think. They have much in common though, I suspect these two vectors are almost vertical. I would say, the more you think carefully and observatory, the more you have questions and doubts exponentially. and this way of thinking is incompatible with the GPAs and the exams. One reason for this is obvious, if you think that way, you won’t get enough time to prepare for the exams because you have to think carefully and thoroughly. There is no chance of finishing it because it takes infinite time(lifetime). So, you have to admit to finish researching them and stop thinking halfway through. It is, of course, an extreme example, but the sense is the same. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


To summarize, What I want to say is, I hate the GPAs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, I want to thank you for the teachers to give me these opportunities to study lots of fantastic subjects. I appreciate that. genuinely, if I am alone, I won’t be able to get this much knowledge in such a short period, It is really helpful and thoughtful and energetic, what an amazing university, I can’t wait to take another exam! I love you from takasan.

US textbooks are heavy, in general.

Electromagnetism and thermodynamics are my favorites, these are amazing, I love them. I especially like enthalpy and entropy in thermodynamics, these concepts are quite different though. It is thoughtful and meaningful, I enjoyed that. In Electromagnetism, I love Ampere’s law, It was breathtaking, unbelievable. no one believes that a circle of the magnetic field have the power to create the current. I respect him very much.