So you want to make your website? Here's how (rental server and static)


Your website is the entrance of yourself on the Internet, I believe having your website makes your life easier. Think when you want to contact someone or want to be contacted by someone online, you are nobody for them until you introduce yourself. Whereas if you already have your site, once you've prepared the contents you would be able to tell them much more information than just emailing them with a few sentences, plus you don't have to prepare and tell them every time, it will have been working without your constant maintenance.

So, how to make a website? (I excluded VPS and Cloud services in this article)

Rent a server

First of all, rent a server from somewhere like SAKURA or X SERVER. It usually costs ¥5000 per year, depending on the functionality and performance of the server that you want to rent. Once you rent it, you usually don't need to take care of your server because the company does a lot of things.

Write HTML and CSS

Secondly, learn the basics of HTML and CSS and write some codes to make your website's content. You don't need to learn so much about HTML and CSS to make a simple static website, I would say just a few tags is enough, to start with. If you are interested in a dynamic website, then it is essential to learn JavaScript as well. I don't explain HTML, CSS or JavaScript here, please refer to other useful information on the Internet.

Upload the files you wrote to your server

The next step is to upload these HTML and CSS files onto the server that you've rented before. This process is a bit complicated at first, you need to install an unfamiliar software on your computer to do this, but once you could set up the settings, it is almost done. You can upload your website (HTML and CSS files) just to click buttons a few times on your display, using the software.

That's it. It's easy isn't it?

Set your domain if you like

If you want to set your URL like which is called domain by the way, you have to buy your domain from SAKURA, or somewhere else. This time, it is not enough just to buy the domain name to change your website's URL. To make the domain available, you have to connect it to your server. It sounds difficult, but actually you can do it easily on your server's console page.

This website uses SAKURA server and and consisted of easy HTML, CSS and some JavaScript codes to make richer.


In summary, if you want to make your website, the following steps are needed. - rent a server from somewhere - write HTML and CSS( your website'a contents) - upload these files onto the server - get your domain and connect to the server

More options

In truth, there's an easier way to make your website like google pages, GitHub pages, some blog services such as medium, Hatena, note, and more and more. So if you would like that way, you can make your pages easily for certainty, but in that case, you can't set your own domain name to your website.

If you have a question, or you want to make your website, feel free to contact me. Possibly I will make your website.